3 April 2020

How to collect and dispose of household waste in the time of the Coronavirus

The Higher Institute of Health has created a practical guide to eliminate waste in this period of health emergency which requires new rules, especially for those […]
19 February 2020

Recycling and reuse for the future of Italy

Italy is among the top countries in Europe for separate collection and recycling. The concern for climate change has revealed the need to do something for […]
30 January 2020

Recycled tires and car tires: the material they are made of is a treasure

To always be safe and reliable, the tires of our cars must be checked and checked periodically, and changed whenever they are seen and worn. Even […]
11 October 2019

“Green” study courses for future eco-supporters

Many young people, even in Italy, have let themselves be carried away by the green wave that has been mounted in recent months. Following in the […]
20 April 2017

Adopt a bill, the initiative of a childhood to live in the Caivano Green Park

Nuovi spazi urbani per bambini e adolescenti al Parco Verde di Caivano grazie all’impegno dell’associazione “Un’infanzia da vivere”. Un’attività volta a cambiare il volto di un […]