Waste Management





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Waste Management

  • On site waste and industry products recovery
  • Collection services management, transport and recovery / disposal of industrial waste
  • Systems management, storage and waste treatment
  • Waste-water management and treatment
  • Document management and on-line technical advice
  • Collection services management, transport and disposal of animal by-products
  • Raee storage and handling
  • Tyre out of use collection and recovery
For further information you can send an email to info@geosgroup.it

GEOS is an Ecopneus scpa partner, the no profit company for the tracking, collection, processing and final destination of end-of-life tyres (ELT) created by the major tyres manufacturers operating in Italy under current italian regulamentary legislation, operating on exclusive basis in Campania and Basilicata regions since september 2011.

ELT: When a tire has no more the essential features for a safe and efficient performance, even through the reconstruction, it becomes "out of use", and based on the Article 228 of Legislative Decree 152/2006 the manufacturers and the importers of tires must provide for the management ELT quantity like as entered in the replacement market in the previous calendar year.

Ecopneus scpa in collaboration with Certiquality and Remade in Italy has established a quality certification for the Granulate and for the rubber powder obtained from the crushing of tires out of use from the Ecopneus production chain.