Recycled tires and car tires: the material they are made of is a treasure

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11 October 2019
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19 February 2020
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Recycled tires and car tires: the material they are made of is a treasure

To always be safe and reliable, the tires of our cars must be checked and checked periodically, and changed whenever they are seen and worn. Even if certified to last 10 years, it is very rare for a car to be fitted with the same tires for a decade, and considering the number of cars driving on our roads, the quantity of ‘exhausted’ tires is very large, with a consequent problem of disposal. Have you ever wondered where old car tires end up?

Old tires are in fact 100% recyclable of their components, and can have a second life especially as a production material. The rubber of which they are made is perfect for building roads, covering the road surface and even as raw material for making the coverings of football fields or outdoor sports facilities. The numbers are very comforting: as of 2011, 734,253 tons of used tires have been collected and recovered, for a total of 70% of the Italian tire replacement market.

With 500 thousand tons of recycled rubber from old tires, according to consortium calculations, 2,700 football fields and 12,700 kilometers of road surface can be made on paper. Obviously, not all regions proceed at the same pace in this gigantic recycling and reuse operation. In the lead, among the most virtuous, there are Lombardy, Campania, Lazio and Sicily. And this is good news because we have often seen those tires burn in the hell of the Land of fires.