The name Geos is synthesis of an idea in which coexists the experience of the past and the momentum towards the future and is synonymous of innovation and high technical quality in the environmental field.

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Our Company

Geos Environment was born in 1987 from the idea of providing on the market a product in the field of engineering, to solve problems related to ecology and environmental protection . Furthermore it deals with the treatment of industrial waste for their later retrieval and re-enter on the market or their disposal, the remediation of polluted sites, and waste water management services.

As a result of the increasing market demand, engineering and consulting activities, have been gathered into a wider corporate organization that has seen Geos Environment become a leader in the field of environmental protection and recovery/ production of energy from alternative sources.

Employing a staff of highly specialized technicians, it offers its services to businesses, industries, communities and public administrations. It’s also supported by a group of professionals and researchers specialized in environmental sciences, engineering and in particular in chemistry, geology, biology, agronomy, health and landscape architecture


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