Our Services

Environmental engineering

  • Environmental technical advice
  • Environmental risks and liabilities due diligence
  • Characterization of contaminated sites and risk analysis
  • Monitoring,analysis and classification of waste and pollutants
  • Document management and on-line technical advice
  • Design, construction and management of waste treatment, recovery and disposal facilities

Remediation of contaminated sites

  • Remediation and safety of polluted sites, disused areas, landfills and groundwater
  • Remediation of materials containing compact and friable asbestos
  • Demolitions and Strip-Out buildings and disused areas
  • Civil and Industrial Redevelopment
  • Environmental restoration

Waste Management

  • Check and control of environmental liabilities
  • Separate management of waste
  • Reduction of emissions and minimization of environmental impact
  • Tax Destruction
  • 24h Service
  • Dedicated Customer Area (Waste no Problem!)