Protect the environment

Earth day, protect the earth!
22 April 2021
Europe for the environment
27 October 2021


The rage of the environmentalists is skyrocketing and with it that of many other people who, shocked by the images that made the social media tour, we are in disbelief of what happened in the Faroe Islands in those days. The Grindadrap is a practice now known and implemented every year in the archipelago of the Faroe Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean belonging to Denmark.
Translated as huntingwhales, is also known for hunting other genera of cetaceans.

The unprecedented slaughter of 1500 dolphins scattered along the shore on the beach constitutes Man’s latest attack on the environment in which he lives.

We all hope that these situations do not recur again and that slowly the ecosystem in which we live can no longer be an instrument of man, but his greatally.