Europe for the environment

Protect the environment
21 September 2021
COP26: “Climate change” the heart of the agreement
18 November 2021

The European Green Deal as the name says, is an elaboration in which there are some proposals about important issues related to the protection of the environment.

Among the various ecological projects there is: “Zero pollution”, a programme based on integrated water management, with the revision of the list of pollutants from groundwater and surface water, and the revision of Community legislation on air quality.

Another goal of the European Green Deal is to improve the climate through a series of reviews on EU rules on fluorinated gases.  Often used as substitutes for ozone-depleting substances (Cfcs), however, they are powerful greenhouse gases with a climaltering effect up to 23,000 times higher than that of CO².

Plastics and biodiversity are two other European Green Deal measures expected for 2022, an initiative on plastic packaging and the review of EU rules on the sustainable use of pesticides, the cornerstone of the Farm to Fork strategy.

That is the EU’s new food policy, which aims to transform the way the eurozone produces, distributes and consumes food, making the European food system a global standard for sustainability.