Waste Management? It products the future!

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13 January 2021
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22 April 2021
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Waste Management? It products the future!

By Waste Management we mean the set of procedures and methodologies aimed at managing the entire waste process, from production to final destination, thus involving the collection, transport and treatment phase (recycling or disposal) and ending with the reuse of materials. waste. The main objective is to reduce the negative effects that fall on human health and reduce the impact on the environment.

“The End of Waste” or the end of waste, is an indispensable element for the valorisation of waste, and its presence has contributed to the development in the reuse sector. An excellent recycling and recovery company becomes such when it allows materials to be reintroduced into the market and to compete with raw materials.

The entire process allows a reduction in the consumption of natural resources and the amount of waste to be disposed of.

In this context, Geos Environment offers companies an important waste management service, supporting the customer in every step, from consulting to the realization of the finished product.

The main activity of Geos concerns the analysis of the waste cycle, also dealing with the definition and execution of bureaucratic procedures, in order to completely free the entrepreneur from the problem of waste. Specifically, it comprehensively examines the production cycle of the customer’s company, eliminates production waste, thus drawing up a classification of the waste produced and making its work concrete in the choice of reusable material.

Geos Environment, pays attention to the company’s problems and to the areas in which it is possible to intervene, with the aim of creating new objectives by improving companies.

It also deals with proposing solutions for the collection and transport of waste, accompanied by a recovery or disposal process. This takes place after the idealization of the project, which, followed by an executive phase, sees Geos Environment lead the various industrial waste towards recycling or disposal through the optimization of transport and management of materials, using modern methods in the total compliance with the regulations in force for the environment.